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Donau Soja (Danube Soya)


Danube Soya Standard (Guidelines)



Valid for 1 year; Certification by partner organisation


Additional information

The Danube Soya Association promotes the production of GM-free soya in the Danube catchment region. Certification is based on the Danube Soya Standard (Guidelines). The standard includes a requirement for chain-of-custody monitoring and supplementary GM analyses. bio.inspecta carries out the inspections in conjunction with other services. The certification is executed by our partner in Austria, Agrovet GmbH ( who also holds the accreditation.


Benefit to customer

The label is designed to present and promote high-quality soya produced in the Danube region in the entire value-added chain as well as to the consumer.
The “Danube Soya” quality label is exclusively awarded to certified and inspected soya and soya products and assures processors (mills, feed producers, livestock producers and dairy farms as well as food processors using soya) of its origin and compliance with quality standards.




Rules and standards



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