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Every BIO HOTEL is devoted to the high quality standards. The strict standards on which this certification is based guarantee the highest quality and, by way of ehc-certification, also a high level of sustainability.



Valid for 1 year, certification by partner organisation


Additional information

Food & beverages: As a matter of principle the products used at a BIO HOTEL are certified organic agricultural products. These products are subject to the seamless organic inspection regime from field to fork. Meals are prepared using traditional and natural methods. Therefore no microwaves are used in cooking.

Cosmetics: Shampoo, soap, creams, oils etc. are certified natural cosmetics.

Sustainability: Minimum requirements include the use of green electricity as well as the exclusive use of recycled paper or paper from sustainable forestry. All operators are ehc*-certified and continuously improve their resource management using the benchmarking system.


Benefit to customer

The more than 90 BIO HOTELS in Europe offer a truly green hotel experience for connoisseurs who value sustainability.




Rules and standards



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