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Biological Standards

Organic Farming Ordinance Switzerland

Inspection and certification of compliance with the Swiss Federal Organic Farming Ordinance in cropping, production and on-farm processing

Bio Suisse

Inspection and certification of Bud products


Inspection and certification of Demeter products

Bio Weide-Beef (BWB)

Inspection and certification of beef from ethologically and environmentally sound pastured beef cattle production

Silvestri Bio-Weiderind

Control and certification of Silvestri Bio-Weiderind products

Bio Natur Plus

Inspection and certification of “Bio Natur Plus” products


Inspection and certification of NOP products

Regulations and cantonal programs

Swiss Ordinance on Direct Payments in Agriculture

Inspection of holdings in receipt of direct payments

Animal welfare

Inspection - Qualitative and quantitative animal welfare

Swiss Ordinance on regular outdoor management of livestock (RAUS)

Inspection of outdoor management / pasturing of livestock

Primary production (“blue” and “white” inspections carried out by cantonal veterinarians)

Primary production inspections

High welfare livestock housing (BTS)

Inspection of livestock housing on agricultural holdings

Mountain and alpine products

Inspection and certification of mountain and alpine products

Alpine and summering pastures

Inspection of summering farms

Ecological Quality

Inspection of ecological compensation areas

Water Protection

Inspection of on-farm water pollution control

Non-biological standards

Regional brands: alpinavera

Inspection and certification of alpinavera products

Chestnut forests

Inspection and compliance check with respect to cantonal instructions

Manor supermarkets “Local Products”

Inspection and certification of local products

Galloway Gourmet Beef

Inspection and certification of Galloway beef from ethologically and environmentally sound pastured beef cattle production

Swiss Meat Quality Management

Regular inspection of quality standard on farm holdings and producers’ premises


Inspection and certification of SwissGAP products


Inspection of GLOBALGAP products

Suisse Garantie Vegetables/Fruit

Inspection and certification of Suisse provenance and processing

Schweizer Naturholz-Pellets

Inspection and certification of Schweizer Naturholz-Pellets

Swiss Parks

Control and certification Swiss Parks and products Swiss Parks

Other standards on request / Our hotline assist you: 062 865 63 33 / Monday-Friday 08.00-12.00 / 13.00-17.00


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