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bio.inspecta Agriculture and the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) in Zollikofen (CH-BE) have agreed on exclusive cooperation and a consolidated range of services.


The two major Swiss companies in the field of food quality assurance work in close cooperation.


For 25 years now, SQS has stood for quality in auditing and certification. Customers draw on SQS and bio.inspecta services at a single source. This combination saves you time and money when it comes to the annual audits.


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Biopartner Schweiz AG

Die bio.inspecta AG und Bio Partner Schweiz AG, in Seon (AG) haben eine exklusive Zusammenarbeit vereinbart. Das Ziel ist die Kontrolle und Zertifizierung von Bio-Fachgeschäften auf der Basis der Schweizerischen Bioverordnung. Die Zertifizierung soll die Glaubwürdigkeit der Fachgeschäfte bei den Kundinnen und Kunden weiter erhöhen und die Qualität in der ganzen Lebensmittelkette sicherstellen.


Die Bio Partner Schweiz AG operiert als Bio-Grosshändlerin seit dem 1. Oktober 2007. Die auf dem Schweizer Biomarkt führende Grosshändlerin für Bioprodukte entstand aus der Fusion der drei Schweizer Grosshändler Eichberg Bio AG, Via Verde AG sowie Vanadis AG. Das Unternehmen beschäftigt rund 190 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter und erzielt einen Umsatz von ca. 90 Mio. SFr (ca. 72 Mio. €). Im Zentrum dieses strategischen Schulterschlusses steht die nachhaltige Entwicklung des Fachhandels sowie der Bio-Gastronomie im Umfeld der zunehmend konzentrierten und internationalen Märkte für Bioprodukte.


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Our partner Austria Bio Garantie (ABG) in Enzersfeld is the Austrian market leader in organic and label certification. ABG and bio.inspecta combine their strengths in the national and international business environment for the benefit of our customers.


AGB has been a leader in quality certification for more than 25 years. Our customers benefit from their competence, specialized knowledge and a broad range of services.


The combination of services saves you time and money when it comes to the annual audits.


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agroVet GmbH

Die agroVet GmbH ist eine unabhängige Kontroll- und Zertifizierungsstelle mit hohem Qualitätsanspruch. Sie überprüft und zertifiziert Unternehmen auf verschiedenste Qualitätsstandards im Rohstoff-, Lebens-, und Futtermittelbereich bis hin zu erneuerbaren Energie.

Durch die Kombination von Dienstleistungen sparen Sie bei den jährlichen Audits Zeit und Kosten.


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IQNET is a world-wide network of renowned certification firms. Working in partnership with IQNET Ltd. in Berne gives our customers access to the whole spectrum of services offered by IQNET and its partners throughout the world.


The IQNET network brings together more than 130,000 certification schemes world-wide in all economic sectors. You select the desired service and we organize the provision of this service for you anywhere in the world.


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Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL)

The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and bio.inspecta cooperate closely in the fields of research, development, inspection and certification. Both organizations are based in Frick and they complement each other in terms of their areas of operation and expertise.


Research is particularly important in organic agriculture. The results of research form the basis for providing competent advice to producers and processors. Approving feeds and auxiliary inputs are other important activities of FiBL.


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Bio Test Agro AG

bio.inspecta AG and the Bio Test Agro, BTA, in Rüedisbach (CH-BE) jointly run a Swiss Appeals Service. This cooperation assures harmonization and equal treatment of all disputes in the field of certification of organic and label products in Switzerland.


For more than 10 years now Bio Test Agro has been inspecting and certifying farm holdings in Switzerland which are managed in accordance with organic farming standards.


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Bio Suisse

Together, Bio Suisse and bio.inspecta are actively engaged in developing organic farming in Switzerland and neighbouring countries. The two companies initiate joint projects aimed at promoting and supporting production and processing based on organic methods.


The Bio Suisse Standards define sustainable production and processing methods. bio.inspecta. actively supports the ongoing development of the Standards and their implementation in practice.


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Demeter Switzerland and bio.inspecta have established an exclusive partnership for the inspection and certification of all agricultural holdings and companies engaged in the processing and trade sectors. Sustainable production methods and consistent use of homeopathy and other methods rooted in nature have demonstrated lasting credibility.


bio.inspecta and Demeter will be pursuing this path jointly in the future. Sustainable production methods and consistent use of homeopathy and other methods rooted in nature methods have demonstrated lasting credibility. bio.inspecta and Demeter will be pursuing this path jointly in the future.


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Regional organic extension

Organic extension in Switzerland operates on a regional basis. Farming advisors have direct contact with producers and provide a comprehensive extension service on organic production and processing. Advice is particularly important in cases where a holding is converting to organic production for the first time, as there are various strategic decisions that need to be made.


bio.inspecta makes the experience it has gained through its inspection and certification activities available to advisors. bio.inspecta is also happy to support producers to assess and check their compliance with standards and instructions both during and after the conversion phase.


Is your holding fit for organic?


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OIC-IZS (Intercantonal certification body) was established in 1998. The partners include the cantons of western Switzerland as well as Berne and Ticino. OIC-IZS certifies according to ISO 45000 and ISO 17020 standards. The largest proportion of customers seek certification of AOC products but OIC-IZS also offer certification for products sold under the "Alp-" / "Berg-" (Alpine/Mountain) labels, Suisse Garantie, regional brands and private labels.


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Biosun Certifier Co.

Biosun Certifier Co. (, a private company registered under the laws of Islamic Republic of Iran, is the first established Organic Inspection and Certification Company in Iran with the mission of promoting organic farming (farmers, Processors, traders) and open the doors for the local farmers and producers to market their organic products internationally.


Biosun Certifier Co. who is member of IFOAM, has entered into a partnership agreement with the international certification body bio-inspecta in Switzerland. In 2010, its staff have been trained by bio.inspecta on inspection of production and processing operations.


Biosun Certifier Co. in cooperation with bio.inspecta enhances strengths regarding transnational scopes - hence it is able to offer certification services for EU Organic Regulation. Biosun Certifier Co. is also following National Organic Standards of Iran (11000) which are defined by the Iran Standard Organization.


Albinspekt is the Albanian control body which provides service of inspection/certification of organic and other food quality standards in Albanian and Kosovo. Partnering with local CB "Albinspekt" for Albania and Kosovo market, ensures to our clients a qualitative services on time and cost effective.


Albinspekt is the only local control body in Albania accredited according to the ISO IEC 17065 by DGA in Germany and General Accreditation Directory in Albania, it is fully recognized from local authorities for provision of the service of inspection and certification.


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QM-Schweizer Fleisch

The QM-Schweizer Fleisch label (QM-SF) is administered by the Swiss Farmers' Union in Brugg. It is the basic frame of reference for Swiss livestock production. QM-SF aims at a single minimum standard and excludes “black sheep” from the meat production sector. As a result of its cooperation with bio.inspecta / q.inspecta in the IT area, the Head Office can utilize synergies and reduce costs.


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